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I was recently given a 15 inch Les Leston steering wheel, with MG boss, for my '57 MGA Coupe. It probably comes from the '50s or early '60s. It is engraved/pressed with Stirling Moss's signature on the "three o'clock" spoke and has the "LL" trade mark on the base of the "six o'clock" spoke. Moto-Lita is unaware of Sir SM having put his name to it. Can anyone perhaps shed light on its provenance? Picture attached.

Joe Gates


Why not write to Sir Stirling Moss? He is still very active in motor sports and is probably best positioned to answer your query. Furthermore, any response from him will add to its pronenance.

Steve Gyles

A quick google found this:

I know nothing of this place. but they seem to think there is one.

At 816.63, a very nice gift you have received.

C Schaefer


Also consider contacting Mike Lempert of Lempert Wheels ( ). In addition to his own line of excellent replica's, Mike restores originals and sells NOS Les Leston wheels.

Steve K

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