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MG MGA - Steering Wheel Slop

If I push/pull my steering wheel on my 58 roadster, I feel some slop in the steering column. In other words, the steering wheel moves in and out with the movement of the steering column. This is an adjustable wheel.

I can trace the slop to the coupling joint assembly (U-Joint). If I pull on the assembly toward the firewall, there is free motion between the shaft coming from the rack (pinion shaft)at the U-Joint. The shaft does not move, but the U-Joint moves on the shaft. Of course, this movement is transferred to the steering wheel.

Would this be a sign of a faulty U-Joint, needs for shims at the pinion gear, or some other symptom?


F Valenzano

The U joint might be just loose on one or other of the shafts. This is your best scenario- just tighten the pinch bolts. If it is loose in the swivels, you will need new bearings and cups - quite cheap parts and not hard to install. To remove the joint take out the pinch bolts entirely or it will not come off.
Art Pearse

I had the same thing once, tighten the pinch bolt and it still slides on the splines. There is a factory fix for this condition, fairly easy actually, but you have to remove the u-joint assembly to do it. See here:
Barney Gaylord

I cranked down on the pinch bolt and that solved the problem.
F Valenzano

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