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MG MGA - SU Carburetor repair, take two.

Mick...not only did you help me get into that repair but your sage advice on the float helped me figure it out the SECOND time I went in there. I should have followed your post instructions more thoroughly the first time!! Indeed the float was sunk..only today much more obviously than yesterday! Dominic Clancy thanks for the wisdom to teach online in few words as well!! I drilled a pin hole and emptied the fuel. I spot soldered it and used my dremel to smooth it, and finished with some emery cloth. VOILA! She floats...she idles smoothly. And this time I think she will tomorrow and tomorrow....
Many thanks again for your terrific advice, gentlemen!
Stephen Lofaro


Sometimes very small holes in a SU float can be difficult to see. Place the float in cold water, and while it is held under the surface, slowly warm the water. Bubbles are obvious from a float with holes.
Do not heat the water very much as the pressure inside will become excessive. Just go from cold to slightly warm.
By the way, was there any sediment in the bottom of the SU bowl?
Even though the pump and carburettor connections have gauze filters, I would still recommend a paper filter. Very tiny particles can affect the SU bowl valve.

Mick Anderson


Good to see you going down the repair route rather than simply throwing away and replacing as suggested in the earlier thread. As you now know, a very easy repair to make.

Steve Gyles

Congradulatios learning is more important than just fixing. Being a Mechanic, able to understand and repair, is much more rewarding than being a parts changer. Parts changers generally just swap parts till it runs not knowing what fixed it. Knowing why is what feels good.
A filter added to the system is much better than just the little screens originally used. A filter can contain a lot more debris and still flow properly. Important if there is any rust in the tank. The best place for a filter is before the pump as it will then protect it also. You will need to replace the filter regularly as a partially plugged fuel filter can cause fuel pump failure.
R J Brown

Don't fit a filter before the pump! Dave DuBois has posted many times that this is a good way to kill a pump, and he's the guy who fixes them, with considerable difficulty if this is what caused the failure.
Otherwise, you're dead on.
FR Millmore

This thread was discussed on 14/03/2007

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