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MG MGA - SU Fuel Pump rebuild

I've just started to dismantle and thoroughly clean up my SU fuel pump (the original, clicky one with points!).

Does anyone have any particular tips about which bits I should replace as a matter of course, or any general rebuild advice?

I've had no particular problems with the pump, other than the usual sticky points, but thought it was time for a proper clean-up.

Richard Ross

Richard - You have e-mail.
David DuBois

Thanks - much appreciated.

I note that in the SU Workshop manual there's a gasket on either side of the sandwich plate - one between the plate and the pump body (which is shown in most other diagrams I've seen, and is available as a part in the Moss Europe catalogue), and the other between the sandwich plate and the diaphragm. This second one needs replacing on my pump, but oddly isn't shown on most of the other diagrams, and certainly isn't offered as a part in the Moss catalogue.

Anyone know if it's available, or am I just missing something?

Richard Ross

Hi Richard,

This may be of some help:

B Rollo

Richard - It should be available from Moss or Burlen Fuel Systems BFS also carries a complete rebuild kit and Moss Europe may also carry this kit. If you have to purchase just the gasket, the shipping form Moss or BFS is going to be a ridiculous amount compared to the price of the part. If you can't find one at a reasonable price, including shipping, e-mail me at and I'll send you one for the price of an international mail coupon. Cheers - Dave
David DuBois

Ben & Dave,

THanks for the further advice.

Burlen have failed to respond to my emails - I'll chase them again.

Richard Ross

I've just spotted the Fuel Pump Repair Kit in the darker recesses of the Burlen website - though it's not clear what's in it.
Richard Ross

Richard - Go to the exploded parts diagram above the parts list and you will see that some items are identified with the item number in a dark circle - those items are in the repair kit. Cheers - Dave
David DuBois


I can recommend using a Burlen repair kit. You get all the moving parts including the points, diaphragm and valves, plus washers and other bits. Effectively you have a pump which is virtually as good as new. It makes sense to do the job properly whilst you have it in bits. The kit comes complete with comprehensive instructions.


PS I am not an MGA owner but they are beatiful cars arn't they. I have a PA.
Peter Scott

Thanks - I'll give the repair kit a shot. Certainly a lot cheaper than a new pump! ... and a lot of hassle avoided if it keeps it going efficiently.

Richard Ross

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