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MG MGA - Sump /Pump Screen

I'm tearing down a 1500 engine and after soaking the Oil Pump Screen in the parts washer....there is a Quarter size slug of some kind sliding around lose within the domed screen it some kind of scaper ..because I can't see how it could have gotten inside or does the screen pop off somehow ....Tom
Thomas Koch

I had one of those in my 1600 engine,looks like an electrical knock out.Get rid of the whole screen.Thats what laid up my car for the PO back in the 70's.It got sucked up and covered the inlet and oil starved the #1 rod bearing.It was welded inside to the screen and over time it comes loose.The newer engines had a screen with a bar on the outside.They must have it there to keep the oil from comming in at the same spot on the screen.
gary starr

Interesting...I don't think I have ever seen mention of this lose disc in any of the tech books. I thought it might be there to slide around on the screen to keep sledge from building up on the screen. Are there other types of aftermarket oil screens available? Anybody know what vintage racers use on the oil pump?

Thomas Koch

Tom, In the 25 years I've owned this car you are the 1st person that I've found who had the same screen.When I rebuilt my engine,I bought a used screen which was made different.
gary starr

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