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MG MGA - Suspension Bushings - Polyurethane or not?

I am getting ready to order some new bushings and the steering tie rods cos I had a look and all the rear suspension bushings are perished, as well as the rebound strap (which is disintegrating).

Just tinkering if to go with the Poly-urethane ones at the additional cost, with the benefits associated or just buy there regular rubber ones.
The poly-u are supposed to last much longer and be stiffer, right? Are there any disadvantages apart from cost?
Is this it just marketing waffle?

Do you recommend to use these types of bushings for front and rear suspension?
I should be changing the ones in the rear soon, but the front can wait and I think it is a bigger job!

What do you guys use for best results?
G Ramos

Also any particular supplier you recommend?
I was looking at Victoria British, Scarbourg Faire or Moss...
G Ramos

You might want to remember Barney's caveat regarding Scarborough Faire.

JM Morris

I might buy something from VB if they had the last one on earth; it either wouldn't fit or would fall apart in a week.

Fletcher R Millmore

Yes polyurethane are harder and last longer. They are not turned to goo by oil like rubber. The make for more precise handling. The ride is slightly harsher, but in normal driving I really dont notice it. I think they are worth it and will use them again. My 62 has rubber and my 58 has poly. When the rubbers wear out I will use poly on the 62. The 58 already was changed from rubber to poly by me.
I dont think it matters who the come from as I believe they all come from the same source.
R J Brown

I recently bought the poly bushings from Moss. I don't really see the need to upgrade (in my use) from a performance standpoint. My reasoning was based entirely on having read horror stories about bad reproduction suspension rubber deteriorating rapidly, and the polyurethane parts should be immune to this. Maybe all the bad rubber parts are out of the system by now, and maybe they are not, but I won't have to worry about it at least where the suspension bushings are concerned.

Thus far (I haven't tried to install them yet) my sole complaint is that the poly parts for the rear suspension are bright red. I'm probably going to contact Moss and see if they are available in black. I'm not really a concours freak, but I would at least like the rear suspension to look right even if it won't usually show from most angles.

As for your second question, I think everybody here knows my feelings towards SF. Moss may sell you a bad part on occasion, but at least they won't refuse to refund your money while insisting that the part was correct. I think at this point VB isn't really anything more than a big parts warehouse; they don't seem to stock anything that you can't get elsewhere.
Del Rawlins

Hi THe steel and rubber V8 engine suspension bushings install easily and last a very long time. Mine are over 20 years old and still going strong. Cheers, Glenn
Glenn Hedrich

I have a set of those, too, but I decided to treat all rubber bushings as suspect, so I bought the poly ones to use instead. That, and my V8 bushings have been sitting in a box for a few years anyway, so I can't really consider them new anymore.
Del Rawlins

As with Glenn, I'm 9+ years on my steel and rubber V8 suspension bushings and still good. I am amazed at how well the suspension still feels. I had rebuilt another MGA suspension previously with the standard suspension parts and that one always felt very loose and rattled.

Chuck Schaefer

The suspension seals I bought from Moss lasted less than a year while the car was still in the garage!. Moss gave me replacements which are going the same way.

While looking around elsewhere for future replacements I asked Cecilia of Scarborough Faire if she got them from the same source as Moss. She said that Moss have their rubber parts made from natural rubber whereas hers are made from man-made nitrile/neoprene.
Natural rubber is attacked by grease/oil.

So I've purchased a set of seals from SF and just from comparing the swivel pin seals they appear much more substantial than the Moss offerings. The SF seals have twice the weight and so are presumably twice the thickness. I've not put them on the car yet so can't say how long they will last but I am hopeful.

Presumably the Moss steering rack gaiters are made from natural rubber also and this would explain the large number of cars seen with split gaiters and lost oil................Mike

m.j. moore

It's really too bad that her customer service and return policies are so horrible.
Del Rawlins

I used the red Prothane bushings and was very happy with the fit and the quality. I had Moss rubber parts which all deteriorated while the car was in storage.

AJ Mail

Jim, how obvious is the red color, as installed ?
Del Rawlins

It is visible if you happen to be lying on the ground looking at your suspension...obviously non-stock, but works very well.

AJ Mail

Thanks, I can live with that.
Del Rawlins

I did my whole suspension with Pro-thane bushings back in 2001 when I first put the car on the road. They have about 30,000 miles now and the suspension is still nice and tight. I like the tighter, stiffer feeling and I drive the heck out of the car.
Mark J Michalak

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