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MG MGA - Suspension Rebuild

This is really a follow on to Colyn's brakes thread but commenting on the secondary thread re suspension rebuild.

As Colyn I have set about a front suspension rebuild so far doing the drivers side. I found no wear at all on the king pins or bushes after many years and significant mileage, I do religiously grease them. I did replace the wishbone to chassis bushes as almost a consumable . I am Colyn curious as to what wear was found in your rebuild before I tackle the other side next week? My KPs and bushes are original MG parts by the way

Paul Dean

Hi Paul,
my car was a race car before it was converted back to being a road going car 10 years ago. Lots of new parts were fitted to the car and the front suspension was in pretty good condition but was not new. So I don't really know how old the kingpins etc actually were.

The suspension rebuild came about sort of gradually, I wanted to fit normal height front springs and the shock absorbers (both front and rear) were starting to leak.
Then the front spring pans and wishbones needed re-painting and there was a little play in both the front wheel bearings and the kingpins.

So in the end I just decided to renew everything and hopefully i will then not have to touch it again for another 10 years at least. Plus I now know for certain exactly when everything was last replaced. ( The new kingpins are from Moss and hopefully will last as long as the old ones.)

If there is no play in your front suspension Paul,I would be inclined to leave it alone apart from fitting new seals maybe.

Colyn Firth

Thanks, interesting and useful. Yes I am replacing seals. I am also fitting Moss's gold plated (well blue actually) wishbone bushes. I fitted the one piece MGC ones last time they seem to have done well but do need driving out.


Paul Dean

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