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MG MGA - Swivel pins material specificatiion

I have obtained the material spec for the pins from the vendor. I have been given a code which, without being knowledgeable in metallurgy, I do not understand. The code is EN16T. Can anyone here explain to me, in layman's language, what this means?

F Camilleri

It is the type of steel usually used from this sort of stuff.
Mike Ellsmore

Would the originals have had any sort of post-machining treatment?
D Brown

Looking at the MGB kingpin, all I have immediately to hand in my spare parts kit, the parts are cast and then various areas on it are machined. I would suspect that some form of heat treatment would take place after the parts are machined. The parts might, also, need to be stress relieved before being heat treated, After any heat treatment, the parts might be either finish ground to exact size or left in the finish turned state depending on which area of the part needs to be a perfect fit--i.e. areas where precision reamed bushings need to be fitted to the upper and lower ends.

Les Bengtson

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