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MG MGA - tappet cover and J Pipe

Does anyone have a J pipe and matching tappet cover going spare?

dominic clancy

I have the tappet covers, no J-pipe.
Barney Gaylord

I have a J pipe. I thought I had lost it, so I made one out of 1/2" copper fittings. Then I found it!
Art Pearse

Sorry for the late reaction, it has been a busy week driving from UK back home in the A, including my youngest nephews both driving the car on private roads (one 8 yo, the other just 4yo on my lap, a day that their dad reckons neither will ever forget!). The advantage of Swiss insurances is that everyone over 20 is insured so the number of drivers in the last few weeks is itself over 20 and every single one had a grin as wide as the grand canyon.....

I am finishing a Chris Betson / Peter Burgess full on supercharged spec engine to go with the SU conversion and a new recon George Folchi Judson. The previous Judson is sold and now sitting in a pre-war Aston Martin. I have learned that a dual J-pipe arrangement significantly reduces the amount of oil on the floor after an outing.

Art and Barney, I will be in touch over the next few days
dominic clancy

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