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MG MGA - 'The Motor' MGA Car Test

Oooh, oooh, the sweet musty smell of a 52 year old book.

I have just received the first of some 22 "The Motor" annual road test books that have been donated to me. The books cover 1955 to 1977. This first one has 30 'Little Old British' road test, including the MGA.

I have posted the MGA test on my website. I do not think the PDF link works so you will have to go through my index page: and scroll down to: "The Motor MGA Roadtest dated 1956"

If anyone has a particular car of the period (1955 to 1977) they would like copying, please ask.



PS. If someone knows how to make PDF hyperlinks work with all those % signs please educate me.
Steve Gyles

Hi Steve very interesting to see the pic of the water bottle on the front of the heater, my blue coupe had it mounted there as well, you haven't got a test for the Riley Pathfinder I suppose , my father bought noe new in 1957 and I always fancied one myself but they are as rare as hens teeth

g c pugh

I've never seen a graph in the form shown of power available against power required. Does the power available curve come from a dynameter test? How do they calculate the power required? Also its strange that the drag at 60mph is only about 3 times that at 30mph -I thought drag varied with the square of the speed? My problem is that I've forgotten all my A level physics.
J H Cole


I will check with my son, who temptorarily has all the other magazines.

Interesting bit on tyre pressures and also the belief that it was only the pre production cars were to have aluminum doors bonnet and boot.

Also, the use of the full stop: M.G.A.

I was amused with the old style English. Did I really write like that at school?

Sorry about the varied quality of the reproduction. I think my scanner is on the way out. I will try to upload an improved version tonight.

Steve Gyles

Steve, on another topic if I may, would you know of someone that has the old stile Thermostat with the blanking sleeve? Moss has it at over $60.00 after shipping is added. I can not beleive that cost? One is for sale on e-bay but its going up to over that as well. thank you, Tom
Tom Peotter


I cannot remember if I responded to you via email. If not, Bob West has old stock Smiths sleeved thermostats. I tried to get details today but he is away, back tomorrow. This is the type attached.

Mine gave up the ghost after 11 years, causing high temperatures (195 ish). I replaced it with a cheap ordinary stat and am now running at 160.


Steve Gyles


I spoke with Bob West. He has a bin full of NoS Smiths sleeved thermostats. However, he is on the point of scrapping the lot as he says they are unreliable after all these years on the shelf and it is not worth the risk of frying the engine.

Steve Gyles

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