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MG MGA - The things you pick up!

I picked this up on a drive along a road through bushland not far from Melbourne. Didn't know it was there until I put the car on the hoist to change the oil.

Mike Ellsmore

Wow, thats amazing, are you sure it's not just a DPOs attempt at a cheap chassis repair or maybe the remains of a basic floatation device?😁
Colyn Firth

Another pic

Mike Ellsmore

Are you sure that you stayed on the road?

Winter is coming (to Victoria anyway)...the start of Mike's firewood scavenging.
Gary Lock

I have been known to go off-road in my A (see pic) but picking up the log was definitely on the road - a bit of wind blown litter.

Mike Ellsmore

You were lucky - a little more to the side and you might have had a very noisy missing exhaust sound!
R Taylor

A bit of illegally imported wood and bugs from Tasmania no doubt! Bearing in mind how thoroughly us Poms are frisked when we arrive from the UK I am surprised your Border Security did not spot it on return!!!!

Steve Gyles

So that's where the phrase "logging the miles" comes from
Art Pearse

Hmm, I'd leave that there-
You never know when you might need a piece of wood----------------lol

William Revit

I'd like to see how you are going to remove it


1979 MGB
gary hansen

I got a long length of 3x2 lumber. My mate held one end on the back of the log and I belted the other with a 10 pound hammer from behind the car. It came out okay.

Mike Ellsmore

Looking at your pix, it looked a lot worse than I imagined. Hope no critial undercarriage damage happened.


79 MGB
gary hansen

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