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MG MGA - Thermostat

Does anybody know where one can purchase an original bellows type thermostat? I just read an article that said that this kind of thermostat when working properly will cause all the water to flow thres the radiator and make the car run cooler in traffic.
GK George

I just installed a bellows type thermostat in my 61 A and can tell you that while the engine warms faster, the flow throught the radiator is better than the new style thermostats. I purchesed mine thourough Moss Motors. They are not cheap, about $80 US. I had new style stat and the car would over heat even in cool weather. The reason is that the new style stats have a smaller hole to allow coolant to flow through the stat even when the stat is fully open. Comparing the new stat to the bellows showed a big advantage to the bellows stat when looking at the flow characteristics.
JP Jim

This thread was discussed on 12/05/2010

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