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MG MGA - This Close, Hot August Nights

Came this close to making it Reno's Hot August nights.
Just wanted to say thanks for the help and suggestions for straightening out the eletrical system

Put in the hours (working till wee hours of the morns)and the harness, once the alien spagetti was removed did sort out very well. Cleaning up the bullet points with dremel wire wheel, new connectors, dialectic grease, use of continuity light, wiring diagram, and patience got the wires of the harness to the connections to which they should be attached with the lights, heater motor, wiper motor, ignition, and alike coming on very noticably stronger than before.

Just as I got the final eletrical in place, a non OEM fuel pump (one sold by moss as a replacment), and turned on, the rebuilt carbs started leaking gas by the connection of the float chambers to the carb bodies. Tried to put in new pump with pressure regulator, but that did not work either.

Because of fatigue and on advice of other MGers in the area, decided to call it a day rather than do something really stupid with leaking carbs just to make the last day of Hot August Nights.

Although the seals to that area were new, Moss said their new Vitron seals should solve the promblem. Have order those and will see if this A gets moving again.

Thanks again. John
J Long

This thread was discussed on 09/09/2008

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