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MG MGA - throttle return spring

Whilst pulling the carbs from my 1600, I discovered there is no throttle return spring at the carb end of the throttle cable.

Were/are they optional? Is it a safety issue with it missing, any reason why somebody might have removed it?


R Rundle


It is a necessity, not an option. Do you have the anchor bracket fitted to the rear carb fixing bolt?


Steve Gyles


Nope, it looks like the entire bracket is missing, so its not like the spring has even pinged off at some point.

R Rundle

I can't think of a reason that you couldn't use the same system as on the B and midget, and attach the lower end of the spring to a small hole on th event shield.
dominic clancy

i guess as I am going to have to order a spring, I might as well order the bracket as well. its not much extra work to attach it as I am taking everthing to bits gradually.
R Rundle

This thread was discussed on 19/06/2015

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