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MG MGA - Tight out of 2nd gear

For ever i have had a tight shift coming out of 2nd into 3rd. I have the correct end float on the layshaft (but don't think that has any relevance to this issue). It got very slightly easier as miles built up but it is still hard compared to other A's. Going into 3rd is easy, coming down from 3rd into 2nd is easy - just that initial shift out of 2nd. Pedal is adjusted with just a bit of slack, clutch is bled (repeatedly) OK, all pivots, clevis pins etc are in good shape. Clutch itself (complete) is about 3,0000 miles old. I am soon going to change the gearbox (engine) oil and am tempted to add some molyslip or suchlike. However i vaguely recall a caution against such material once - something to do with buggering up the synchro's or causing some other part of the innards to wear early? Any got any ideas or views on an additive?

C Manley

Ooops. Delete a zero from the miles - its only 3000.
C Manley

This thread was discussed on 18/04/2013

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