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MG MGA - tires for roller

I have a 1957 MGA that was my first car at 16 in 1971. With Muscle Cars all the rage at that time in high school, it was replaced with V8 Chevy Vega. I kept the MG and it's been in a dry garage ever since. I'm ready to begin the restoration process!

I need to make it a "roller"... what sizes do I have to choose from that I can pick up USED that will fit those old 15" rims. Someday I'll buy new rims and wheels, but for now I want to throw on some old 15" that I could get from a junk yard or neighborhood tire store. Since it's tough to find used 165R15... what else can I get by with?
RR Richardson

For what you need, any 15" tire with a fairly thin profile will do. You may need tubes though.
David werblow

Do you still have the 1500 motor? Marv
Marvin Stuart

I don't think that he replaced the engine, but the whole car. Just a guess.
I would look at some low profile spare tires for a roller.
Mike Parker

Earlier Hyundai 'emergency' spares--tires and wheels, will fit. Cheap at wreckers and useable as a spare for the MGA. Will probably need washers for clearance on ?front and/or rear. Bob P.
rsa prentice

Email me. I know someone who may be close to you who has some parts cars. You could give him a try.
Dennis Suski

Hello RR,

Originally A's tire were 5.50x15 which is 165x15. 165x15 are in fact 165/82x15.
If you use that helpfull program:

I believe
185/80x15 gives 1% diff.
195/70x15 gives 0.37% diff


Jean G.
Jean Guy Catford


Since all you need is the proper lug pattern and are not particularly worried about the diameter here is a list that has been around for many years.

Some Toyota and Saab space saver spares will fit. Both can be used as spares for the road tires.



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Lawrence Hallanger

RR - If you have wire wheels and can pick up trashed wheels and tires at a junk yard, 14" MGB wheels will fit. You can't go around any tight corners with them, but they're fine for rolling around.

Chevy Vega, huh? Wow. :-)

David Breneman

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