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MG MGA - Tonneau cover

Hi guys, I'm having great difficulty in sourcing a tonneau cover for my 1956 LHD MGA,
The studs are already fitted but I have studs on the doors three on each door, I don't seem to see any Tonneaus with this set up.
I'm thinking I will have to get one made bespoke to fit my car,
I got a short one from a friend to try and it's about two inches short at the back and too narrow to reach the door studs.
Do you know of anyone who would measure up and make me a cover.
I'm in Hampshire but don't mind travelling to get one that fits.

Cheers Jack

See pic

Jack New Forest


I am pretty sure I bought my tonneau from Bob West without any of the Liftadots fitted. He supplied me with the kit to fit them as required.


PS. Why are all your piccies upside down?
Steve Gyles

If yours is an early 1500 then they did have wider covers with LTD fasteners along the door tops and a raised pocket to fit over the steering wheel. They also made a longer version that attached to the rearmost LTD fasteners which are used to secure the soft top.

This wider tonneau was discontinued fairly early and the door top LTDs were no longer required along with the steering wheel pocket.

(I must admit that I dont understand why the extra-long tonneau was introduced as it just covers some of the rear bodywork)

You can get the wide tonneau specially made but I would expect it to be really expensive.

Why not fit a standard short tonneau?

You would have to fit some new LTD fasteners behind the rear cockpit rail like we all have, you could remove the door top fasteners and fit some neat (red?) grommets into the holes to start with. Maybe the holes could be welded up sometime in the future when the doors need painting again.


(Steve is right, you often have to fit the LTDs to the bodywork and tonneau yourself. It is quite easy to do)
Colyn Firth

I think Jack enjoys the idea of making all of us forum followers stand on our heads to look at his pictures! :-)

Colyn Firth

Thanks Colyn and Steve, I don't know why that happens, it only happens on this forum, I put pics on Facebook and other websites all the time, so it's something to do with this website, Colyn if you get an iPad you can just turn it upside down, but standing on your head is supposed to be good for circulation haha!

Anyway I'll have to go down the road of getting one and changing the fixings, I was trying to avoid that, Hey ! Ho ! Even with these problems I still love my MGA.
Jack New Forest

I had to have one custom made due to the front studs being positioned slightly further forward. The big advantage is you can have an exact fit and the cost is about the same. I used a seller that advertises on eBay and sent them a paper pattern.

The advantage of the long tonneau is that you don't need to drill holes and fit additional fasteners.
Neil MG


My Tablet auto rotates so your photos are always upside down! Perhaps take your photos upside down in the first place?

Have you spoken with Bob West? It is possible his trimmer, Les, could supply your needs. He has made all sorts of things for me in the past including my interior matching Connolly leather seat squab for my dog.

Steve Gyles

Jack You could try Motobuild in Egham for someone a bit closer. I know they do hoods and seats so I would guess they will do tonneaus as well.

I used to have a long cover and I thought it spoiled the looks of the rear end so got rid of it.

If you are handy and feel brave why not make one yourself?

You only need around 1 1/4 metres of vinyl (54" wide)for a cover 52" wide and 38" long which would cost about 30 and the zip plus fasteners and edge binding are cheap.

If you are keeping it original you will need to sew in a steering wheel pocket which went out at the end of 1958.

But if you plan to change to RHD in the near future I would leave the tonneau until you've made the change because an LHD cover will not look right on a RHD car........................Mike
m.j. moore


I found Aldridge Trimming in Wolverhampton very good when I got my hood and tonneau.

B Bridgens

The long cover uses the same studs as the hood so you don't spoil the back of the cockpit with another row of studs.
My cover also has the steering wheel pocket and a central zip to keep the cover over the passenger side if driving on your own. Where are you in the forest? You are welcome to come and see it
David Marklew

Thanks Mike, for the auto build tip, I've phoned them and they will make me one up in a morning. I'm taking the car up next week and he will make one specially to fit the car and a very good price also.
I'll let you see it when complete.

Thanks Jack.
Jack New Forest

Hi Jack a little tip position the zip off centre (say 2")towards the driver thus when driving in inclement weather your minimising the area of cockpit exposed to the elements. Also get the trimmer to add a flap over the zip to help keep weatherproof when installed and raining.
This might not be what you want to do of course if you were to convert to rhd.
Mark Dollimore

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