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MG MGA - Tonneau cover fittings

Trying to sort out parts that came with my car i have a tonneau cover that has no front fittings. There are no holes or fittings in the front edge of the fabric.
The Bulkhead has no fittings either, but from MGA guru website i have found the correct positions for the front 6 fittings. Moss stock these and the mounting screws.
But i cannot find anybody the does then correct fittings for the tonneau, not shown in Moss catalogue either. What is it i am looking for? and from who?

Thanks Roy
R Mcknight

Should have asked are they lift the dot fasteners , same as used on the back edge?

R Mcknight

dominic clancy

Try Bob West. His trimmer will have them. Also Woolies trim(not defunct Woolworths) has those kinds of fittings.

John Francis

Moss part numbers 552650 and 552651
N McGurk

Yes as DC suggests, they are usually 'lift the dot' fastners apart from the two which are fitted on the covered rail just to the rear of the door which are turn buckle fastners.

If its one of the longer covers they used the hood fixings from the door back. Short tonneau had additional LTD fixings just behind the rear rail.

J Bray

If close by you might try a marine canvas shop.
David Werblow

My roadster has "lift-a-dot" fasteners. Were tonneau covers a standard fitment on MGA roadsters? They weren't on TC's, only the rear (behind the seats). If not, that would account for the variations and missing items.
Barry Bahnisch


They are all here:

Steve Gyles


Clausager says the tonneau was an optional extra on all cars.

Steve Gyles

Thanks , Ordered the fittings from Woolies and they turned up next day . Mounted the brackets on the bulkhead using the info from MGAguru. Had to remove the fittings behind the seats for a short tonneau as they looked like they would punch a hole in a long tonneau. Fitted lift the dot fasteners on the front of the tonneau and it all fitted ok apart from the steering wheel has to be adjusted in fully to fit in the pocket. Job done and ready for Goodwood.
R Mcknight

Steve, Many thanks for your reply. You are an MGA expert! That would explain why they differ so much! Mine attaches to the hood "teardrops" to the rear of the seats but I have seen other methods. They are great little cars, no wonder so many were sold (and are still being restored or going)!
Barry Bahnisch

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