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MG MGA - Transmission Differences

Several of us are discussing the differences, externally, in the 1500 & 1600 transmissions. Other than the Hi & Low starter, what others?
Bob Wrenn

Not sure of other differences, but the tale shafts are different. The 1500 drive-shaft has a splined shaft that slides into a "female" coupling in the transmission; the 1600's has a flange that is mated to a similar flange on the trany with four bolts.
David Werblow
Barney Gaylord

Well, the server is slow today, so I blew the 5-minute edit limit (stupid policy).

I wanted to ask, which 1500 gearbox, as there were three different gearboxes used in 1500 cars.

There are two different "1500 type" gearboxes with different output splines and different rear seals. In late 1500 production the high starter gearbox with flanged output was introduced, commonly referred to as the 1600 type gearbox. This carried over into 1600 production. During 1600-MK-II production the gearbox evolved to have thicker bolt flange on the bell housing and more external ribbing (for less noise). This is commonly referred as the MK-II type gearbox.

The Twin Cam used a different gearbox that was evolved for the ZA-ZB gearbox. This one can be recognized by a large "square" bump on top of the bell housing. It was also used in some of the "Deluxe" cars which used the Twin Cam chassis (with push rod engine). All together there were five different gearboxes used in MGA.
See pictures here:
Barney Gaylord

This thread was discussed on 03/10/2013

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