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MG MGA - Transmission Identification

I have a freind that just purchased a 57 MGA roadster that has some very interesting modifications. The car has an alloy plate mounted to the center of the dash with 6 non standard gauges and toggles. What we were trying to determine is what type of Tranny it is a 4 speed with O/D. The overdrive is on 2-3-4 gears. I had not seen an MG with O/D on 2nd. It has no place for the standard slave to bolt to...the slave is mounted beside the bell housing but touching the Trans. The rear engine plate is home made to mount it to the standard 1500 engine. Any guess as to what car this might have come from ...there can't be that many with overdrive on 2nd gear as well as 3rd and 4th.........Tom
Thomas Koch

I believe TRs had overdrive on 2nd.

Steve Gyles

Not difficult to make OD work on any gears you like. Does this transmission have a separate bell housing? MGA/B are one piece.
FR Millmore

Early B has OD on 2nd too
dominic clancy

I didn't happen to notice if it had a seperate Bell Housing I beleave it did. It is not an MG A or B factory transmission. It does not have the BOSS for the slave ground into the casting as all A's and B's did. The shifter comes through the tunnel 8 inch's forward from where it sould .......the shifter then makes an sharp angle and comes straight back very close to the floor. The overdrive unit had a 3 inch round cover pointing straight down....any ideas..Tom
Thomas Koch


Sounds like a Type A Overdrive from an early Triumph TR sports car or an early Triumph saloon. See image for item 27 which is a round filter cover on the bottom of the Type A OD.

Later Triumphs had a Type J which had a rectangular filter cover.
Early MGB's had a Type D and later MGB's had a Type LH.


Mick Anderson

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