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MG MGA - Trying to remove timing Cover..Help!!

Radiator off and ready to go to fit a replacement cover ( late MGA with rubber shaft seal ) but cannot get the nut off the crankshaft pulley ( put on by a superman mechanic with 2 m pole I think ). Appreciate any advice on tricks how to hold the pulley stationary and get lever it off ..I am using a massive adjustable but no!!
n ferguson

The correct method of removing the crankshaft pulley nut is not shown in the MGA pushrod Workshop Manual but it is shown in the mga twin cam Workshop Manual.
You should use a sudden shock to loosen it. Do not prevent the engine turning and use high leverage loads on the spanner, as that will damage engine internal components.
Ensure the tab lockwasher is not holding the nut.

Image attached (another to follow).


M F Anderson

Another image (the special MG tool).


M F Anderson

Remember that with all rubber or neoprene seals you must wipe the lip of the seal with oil when assembling (and the metal surface also will help).
Seals assembled dry will simply be destroyed on startup.

M F Anderson

Thanks for advice..will try shock on lever tomorrow. I just looked at Barney Gaylord's site and he recommends just wood blocking the inside of fender ,then turning spanner to sit against the wood and touching the starter .Do I have the courage ?
n ferguson

The thread of this bolt is quite small, only 1/2". All the friction is between the pulley face and the bolt head . Use lots of penetrant oil here first
Art Pearse

I like using an impact wrench with a socket and extensions going through the hand crank hole. Marvin
Marvin Stuart

Got it off ...after 4 hrs, huge adjustables,levers and flogging hammer all to no avail,applied penetrating oil movement whatsoever....even followed Barney's advice re use of starter and block of wood but did not budge.
What worked was to spot heat up the bolt with a small gas heater and then Barneys technique..what a relief!!

n ferguson

Well done Neil, I need to do mine soon to stem the oil slick on the garage floor - your method is duly noted - cheers Cam
Cam Cunningham

Cam..doing it for the same reason and managed to get the late MGA cover ( second hand but in perfect nic ) with the outside rubber ( neoprene? )lip seal so as to get away from the felt thing. I applied the heat using a small hand held butane heater I bought for brazing. It has narrow flame and allows very localised heat.

n ferguson

Well done Neil. If you don't own one you might want to invest in a large air compressor and impact gun. It makes these jobs very easy. I fitted the later type B front cover to my 1600 engine and so far no leaks. Good luck.

Andy 60 Coupe

Andy Preston

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