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MG MGA - Twin Cam brake master cylinder

Over the past few days I've been watching the e bay bids for a twin cam brake master cylinder in need of refurbishment. Knowing how rare these are I was interested in the market price. There were 18 bids and it finally went for 455!
J H Cole

Hi J H,

Yes they go for crazy money these days.

Peter Wood has tinted at making them.

I needed one a while back really struggled. I think I paid USD 350 for it.

Every time I visit an MGA outing there is at least one twin cam without it's master cylinder.

They are also date stamped on the back near where the break line connects.

Good luck if your hunting for one.

Mark Hester

Oh Nearly forgot.

There are two types of pistons inside the master cylinder too.

Early "O" ring type and the later cup type seal.

The factory never recorded when the cutover was, but I would never consider driving using the "O" ring type seal.

It is possible to machine the early piston to the later spec.

Mark Hester

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