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MG MGA - Twin Cam Carburettor Heat shield pattern?

Hi folks. Does anyone have an accurate dimensioned drawing for an mga twin cam Carburettor Heat shield? A friend asked me to post this question for him. Thanks, Glenn

I am sooo glad that this is a mild winter for you Glenn. Hi Ho, Hi Ho I must now go!!!!!

Jeff, I get the feeling that you must be missing my winter poem writing spree! Should I let loose and write a poem for you? lol, Glenn

Glenn, I think your friend may be pulling your leg. Carbs on one side, exhaust on the other side.
Mitch Smith

Strange as it may seem, the MGA Twin Cam does have a heat shield between the exhaust headers and the engine block.
It is flat and fits over the access panels where the cam followers would be, if there were any.
I guess it is to keep the intense heat away from the engine. Twin Cam exhaust headers get extremely hot.
For a diagram go to:

Then Click on "Half speed shaft and conrods".
The heat shield is item 30.

Mick Anderson

Hi Mitch, good point. I never stopped to think about my friend's seemingly serious request, or the twin cam engine's carb/exhaust configuration. My buddy is always pulling pranks, I will have to retaliate! lol, Glenn

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