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MG MGA - twin cam for sale RHD, but?

Hi noticed this nice car, but quite expensive out of my league. but I couldn't help thinking the tax disc reads backwards, the MG on the steering wheel and blanking plate like wise. and in the view of the engine it would appear the peddle box is on the left.
Ebay item 271164530605
so is it LHD or RHD or is it just me?

Ross McIntosh

It was converted from LHD to RHD. Some photos were before conversion, and a few of those were reversed to make it look like RHD (which it is now).
Barney Gaylord


If you can't affoird that one Ross here's one that needs a bit of work but a lot cheaper!!!!!

B Bridgens

Hi Barry
thanks for the recomendation, but it's the wrong colour for me. I will just stick to my BRG


Ross McIntosh

Surely the GREY carpets are incorrect, they should be black
t burnett

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