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MG MGA - tyres

Time for a new set of tyres and not wanting to start a lengthy discussion on the subject but has anyone anything bad to say about Kumho Solus 165/65 R15 (40 plus fitting). There's lots in the archive but a simple picture does not emerge other than for the more expensive brands such as michelin.
J H Cole

This YouTube clip may or may not help but it gives expert advice on the best tyre sizes for the MGA.

c firth

165/65 R15being low profile will b substantially smaller diameter than original, making the engine run faster and throwing the speedometer and odometer off accordingly.

I run on 195/60R15 tyres ( 615mm od )and have done so for 26 years...lower than standard diameter ,,,and I needed to get a gearbox in the speedo cable connection to compensate . I find the tyres excellent and in combination with my sway bar the car sticks like the proverbial to a blanket. The tyres mentioned are 595.5mm od about 20mm or 3.2% smaller than mine so a gearbox would be required . ..easy to get tailored to your specific need.
Neil Ferguson

You want 165/80 R 15 to get close to original size.
dominic clancy

Thanks everyone My 165/65 R15's have performed reasonably well over the years but I'll source some 165/80's and check the speedo with sat nav.
J H Cole

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