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MG MGA - V6 MGA conversion

I am restoring a 1958 MGA as a driver and have acquired a 2.8L Ford motor & transmission that I would like to use for this application. Would like to hear from anyone who has done something similar, links to conversion parts, etc.. Thanks in advance for your assistance. I look forward to hearing from you !!

There is a thread for MGB engine conversions in this BBS. It has a lot of information that could be helpfull.
Go to there is a lot about swaps of any kind, not just V8.
R J Brown

The MGA is much more difficult to convert than the MGB, and much/most of the parts avialable for that task in the MGB are inapplicable for the A.

I prefer using a tuned MGB engine in an MGA, but if you must convert, see

The Ford is old hat and old technology. The newer GM V6 packs more punch into the same size package, IMO
Bill Spohn

We have a fellow in our local club, Jim Weibe <> that has a GM V-6 in his MGA. A very nice installation and very fast.I don't think he posts to BBS. But he is very helpful, e-mail him direct.
David Werblow

i have a 1960 mga with a 2.8 ford v6 cologne engine and tranny , i would be happy to talk to you about mine, just send me a pm, thanks, jim
james madson

The second row of photos might interest you. A web search will surely put you in touch with the owner.
Steve Simmons

And by the way, I too prefer a warmed up early 1800 engine. Quick enough for me, and it still has that vintage feel, sound and look.
Steve Simmons

Here is a 3.4 GM engine in my MGA. (The body is non-stock, but everything relevant to doing a swap is.

Bill Spohn

Mark, there are photos and details of my 215 Buick powered MGA on the net. Google lyle jacobson mga v8.

Lyle Jacobson

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