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MG MGA - Vacuum advance

I got the MGA running but am still trying to figure out the many loose wires. Looking at the distributer I noticed a tube from the vacuum advance that goes nowhere. Also a green and purple wire is hanging down (in the engine department) that looks like it was connected recently. Any thoughts??

david kirkpatrick

Look at the bottom left side (as you face the air cleaner) of the rear carb (if you have SU's)....There is a little brass nut, that you will need good light to see...It has a hole in it for the brass vacuum tube...There is supposed to be a "bulb" device near the middle of the tube that has a trap for carbon, etc. If the nut-hole is open, it you will have a vacuum leak (a pretty big one, I think). So basically, the tube runs all the way across the back of the valve cover, from the dizzy to the carb...It goes under the rear carb, into the little nut with a hole in it.
Hope that's clear as mud! (LOL).
Edward Wesson 52TD

Green and purple is the wire from the brake switch to the stop lamps.
Art Pearse

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