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MG MGA - value of MGA calipers

Hi, I'm looking to upgrade the brakes on my 1960 MGA, and looking to get rid of my current front MGA calipers. They are split, have been sand blasted and painted with POR 15, they come with fast road pads, seals, and MGB pistons.
Does anyone know what the current going value might be?

Thanks, John
g gillian

Just out of curiosity, what are you upgrading to?
Mark J Michalak

I'm planning on upgrading to the following:

Cheers, John
g gillian

Why bother - is it a race car?

The stock calipers are perfectly adequate.
Bill Spohn

You could check out Apple hydraulics web site and see what they charge for a caliper rebuild. I would put them on ebay at half the price you find, then let it go from there. They're not making you any money by sitting in a drawer.
Mark J Michalak

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