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MG MGA - Valve Cover Gasket


Took off the valve cover to re-adjust rocker arms. Question is do I put gasket sealer on the cork gasket or just put the gasket on "dry"? I have heard of some people putting on sealer and some putting the gasket on dry, so I wanted to make sure I'm doing this correct so that I don't have to re-seal again because of oil leaking out.

Previously there was gasket sealer.

Best regards,
Michael O'Brien

i use wellseal, i have used outher sealents and wellseal is a bit messy but it does the job, be sure not to over tighten the rocker cover it can push the gasket inwards off of its seat if your not carefull, i know ive done it!
Vin Rafter

If you have an alloy cover, first make sure it is flat on the sealing surface. My Judson cover had a definite curve which took an hour of careful filing to flatten off.

dominic clancy

Glue the gasket to the cover with a minimum amount of your favorite sealant (just a smear). Oil the bottom side of the gasket so it won't stick to the head. The cork gasket can be re-useable for a long time.

The only down force on the gasket will be the compression force of two rubber grommets. You should be able to use knurled cover nuts (if you like) and tighten them with your fingers. Bottom of the cover has to be very flat, so the cork gasket can conform with minimal pressure. For how to make the cover bottom very flat, see here:
Barney Gaylord

Thank you Barney and everyone else! I looked at your link and will give it a try.

Best regards,
Michael O'Brien

I usually apply a small smear of grease on both sides of the gasket.
G Goeppner

Hi Mike,
I got this idea while rebuilding the engine. I was trying to fit an new cork gasket to the valve cover that was too large, the gasket that is, anyway I decided to take a small section out of the cork cutting it diagonally . On the cut surfaces I applied silcone gasket maker and was ready to install onto my nice clean oily head when I got a brainstorm. I applied a thin seam of the RTV sealeant completly aroung the cork gasket that faces the head then installed it. I had already applied the silicone to the dry cover side of the gasket to seal and hold it in place. The next day I pulled it off. The oil had kept it from sticking to the head but allowed a perfectly flat silicone gasket seal. I trimmed off the excess and have been using it ever since. Chuck
Charles O'Brien

The gaskets I've used with an alloy cover has never been quite the right shape, generally too small and for me gluing has been essential to position and stretch it on the cover. There's also no retaining lip as with the steel covers. I use a thin smear of evo stick contact adhesive and small modelling clamps for fixity until the glue has gone off. I've found the cork when new to be stiff with no noticeable compression so I generally screw the cover down tight.
J H Cole

Do not tighten the hold-down bolts too much or the tappet cover will end up distorted/leaking!
Barry Bahnisch

I ran across this the other day:
Rick deOlazarra

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