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MG MGA - vehicle ID plate

Does the ID plate face the passenger or the driver side ? Photos in Clausager show both. Maybe it was random, or does it depend on lhd/rhd vehicle?

Thanks, George
G Goeppner

The ones I have seen have all faced the right side of the car, i.e., the passenger side on a LHD car. It may be so that you can read the chassis number and the engine number (and the body number) at the same time.
The plate should be fitted with small bolts and nuts, not pop rivets, but the two that go into the car are pigs to get at, and need two people to fit them!
P. Tilbury

DMV here in Connecticut is VERY particular about VIN plates. Try your best to make it look like it has never been out of the car.
David Werblow

The plates were placed according to the kind of steering.
If the car was lhd, then it was readable from the left side. If rhd then reading from right side.

Giovanni Delicio

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