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MG MGA - velocity stacks

Is there anything to be gained by fitting velocity stacks inside the air cleaners of a std. road going A ? A couple of suppliers have nice shiney ones listed, are they just nice shiney ones ? All the old motor cycles I've owned always had a curved bell mouth fitted. Sean
S Sherry

Go to eclectic motors web page.

Carl has done some dyno runs testing the velocity stacks. The result seemed to be that only some very specific designs gave 1 or 2 hp.

BTW they won't fit inside a standard air cleaner. you'd have to get some socks or make a filter box.
T McCarthy

I do run one on my supercharged B and when dyno tuning tried it with and without.Could not read any improvement.
I left it on as it became part of my cool air intake.

Most people seem to believe that velocity stacks are of no benefit, or a benefit of around the 2 BHP figure.
However the factory engineers thought that they were worth putting on the mga twin cam engine and introduced them as a standard fitting during the production run. See image.

The flat, horizontal plate is to keep the sides of the filter element apart, to stop the element collapsing with any suction.


M F Anderson

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