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MG MGA - Wally Schirra's MG from the 60s Space Programme

In the movie Apollo 13 the Corvettes get star billing as THE car of the Apollo Astronauts, but a little earlier an MG got a look in!

On the NASA web-site there is an interview with Scott Carpenter in which he mentions that Wally Schirra has an MG. It is this:

Wally and I were driving from Oceania back to Langley [Research Center, Hampton, Virginia] in his little MG, I think it was. The top was down, and I think the top wouldnt work. And we encountered a thunderstorm, and we got so much water inside that car that if you opened the doors the water would run out. And Al Shepard passed us going home and saw us water-soaked in this car, and somehow or other a cartoon was drawn of that episode. I think Wally has it. Two bedraggled passengersdriver and passengerin a car filled with water. Its a good cartoon.

This might have been a TC/TD/TF, MGA, midget or MGB. Does anyone know if this car is still around or if there are any pictures of it? Is the cartoon available anywhere? Ive done a very quick Google search and not find anything.

Ill post this on the MGB board to see if anyone there knows.

John Prewer

Looks like an MGTD that he bought in 1957.

Steve Gyles

Thanks Steve, I'll move this over to the TD/TF Board. No sign of the cartoon yet though...
John Prewer

This thread was discussed on 23/05/2011

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