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MG MGA - Waterproof car cover ideas

Hi all, I recently realized that my MGA is parked right under a fire sprinkler in my underground parking garage.
No other options to park it elsewhere.If something happens and it goes off while I'm not here it could be disastrous.
I usually leave the top down on the car and use the tonneau. And I'm concerned about water getting into the engine compartment.
So does anyone have a recommendations on a good quality waterproof cover?


R emgeeaa

Ron, generally fire sprinklers are activated individually when the temperature beneath reaches a certain temperature. Your concern about water getting into the engine compartment may be the least of your problems. Perhaps a waterproof fire blanket maybe a better option :)


R A Evans

Fire sprinklers commonly have a slightly different setup. A line of sprinkler heads (in one room perhaps) will be on a common pipe. The pipe has compressed air inside. When a fire sets off one sprinkler head, the air pressure is lost, which in turn sets off other sprinkler heads on the same pipe as water comes rushing down the pipe. All sprinkled heads in the immediate area go off at the same time. If there is a car fire in the garage, it is likely that a large are of the garage is going to get wet. If that happens, a very wet car cover may be good fortune.
Barney Gaylord

MOSS does a good one at around $80. You can see it on our coupe when you come down to sunny south Surrey.
P. Tilbury

For that purpose a $19 dollar cover from CTC will suffice to put on the car then put a heavy-duty tarp (the silver coloured ones) on top of that , secured with some bungee cords. Water won't hurt the car, and it would protect it from smoke damage if there was a fire somewhere in the underground parking.

Just my 2 cents.
C.R. Tyrell

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