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MG MGA - Wedding MGA Vancouver

A photo from my daughter's June 4th wedding using wedding cars tonbridge, featuring my 1959 MGA that I've owned since 1972. One day as a small girl my daughter Julia turned to me while I was driving her home from a Brownie meeting in the MG on a sunny evening. Her question was " Dad - when you're too old to drive this car, can I have it?" Pre-empting her three younger brothers, I guess. Thought you might enjoy - the car was a huge hit with the younger crowd as those MGA lines are timeless! Wedding Cars Sevenoaks may have been a better choice though!

Tom Heath

What a superb photo! One of the best I've seen with an MGA.

I'm looking forward to mine looking like that sometime. Iris blue is a classy colour..........Mike
m.j. moore

MGAs make great props for a wedding. This shot from 22 years ago!

R J Brown

The girlfriend and I are loving the pictures, please keep posting them.

It will be a while till our black coupe gets all dressed up for such a big day, there’s an engagement to be had first !

Matthew (and Charmaine)
M Elliott

My wife and I were married in March, and my midget didn't quite make it, so my fathers MGA was used instead. The BMW is my wifes.


Another: The car outside the chapel. My best man and myself drove it there for the wedding.


I stumbled across this collection of wedding shots that includes an MGA in some of the photos. Didn't pay too much attention at the time, but since this subject has been brought up, I thought I'd add these too. of the photos.
T Aczel

Great Photo Tom. It makes for a day to always remember for your daughter.

I trust she will have greater enjoyment than the previous owner of my car who I traced after much detective work. He told me: " I bought the car when at high school. I dated my future wife in it. We got married in it. We brought our first baby home from hospital in it. Later we got divorced and the b***h had the car as part of the settlement!"

Steve Gyles

While I share your sentiments Steve, there may be a misunderstanding here; the photos I posted are NOT MY family photos, just some I inadvertently saw on the net, posted by a professional photographer. Coincidentally though, the photos were however taken not too far from where I live.
T Aczel

Just came across this to add to the collection, from 1983. Confetti discovered in the bottom of the doors during rebuild just completed.

Memories from the day included it being the hottest day of the year, the fuel pump stopped and needed a kick on the way to the wedding service. Then on the way to the honeymoon, 30 mins after the photo, we had the most enormous downpour with the roof down. We were swimming but laughing.

John Francis

I took my daughter to her wedding two years ago. in the lead up to the day, as a present she gave me a set of car ribbons, which I put on for the day. I also made a very large bow which I attached to the rear, you can just see it in the pic. on the day she went out to go to the wedding and said that looks smart dad, then she spotted the bow, and just stood and giggled, a great day.

Ross McIntosh

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