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MG MGA - wedding ring

Has anyone ever found a gold men's wedding using wedding cars tonbridge ring in an MGA they purchased or rebuilt? Distracted by Wedding cars Sevenoaks I lost it over 20 years ago and never thought to post it on the bbs.

MGA was a red roadster that I owned in Wisconsin but color etc could have changed by now.


Thanks, Fred
Fred H

Was that yours? I sold it to pay for beer and hookers.
Del Rawlins

That's good Del, I was worried it might have been sold off and the money wasted!
Neil McGurk

I dropped a watch in the engine compartment of a Fiat 850. Had no clue where it went. About 3 years later my cousins husband was showing us the watch he found in a car. My wife recognised it as the one she had given me years before. Still have it in a box somewhere.
R J Brown

BTW, if any of you find a bag with a million dollars in small unmarked bills, just send it back to me.
David "I need it to paint my Spridgets" Lieb
David Lieb

Found all sorts of things in cars I've bought. Found a chunk of hash once wrapped in a piece of tinfoil under the spare tire of a TR-3. Of course as a good citizen, I immediately burned it to get rid of it.....
Bill Spohn

Did you use one of those Rizla incinerators?
Lindsay Sampford

I don't know that I would have been able to identify a "chunk of hash wrapped in a piece of tinfoil"... But then, I would never have been searching a TR3, either.
David "no Triumphant aspirations" Lieb
David Lieb

No wedding ring but will a piston ring do?

Why take a wedding ring off in an MGA, they have no back seat?
David werblow

Well, I figured it must be in the MG because I searched all of the bars!
Fred H

Right! I happen to live withiin easy driving distance of Wisconsin, therefore I KNOW that it is not possible to "search all of the bars".

I almost killed a guy in Wisconsin last night by telling him that I did not drink beer.
David "Life is too short to accomplish that goal" Lieb
David Lieb

I once found a wedding ring in a red MGA. Only thing is, It was mine. I had lost it six months earlier. Thought I had lost it while gardening. Took it off and put it in my pocket. I assumed it had fallen out. The wife, she wasn't impressed. She insisted I search for the rest of the weekend, then organised professionals with gold detectors. All to no avail. Then one day I lifted my seat to vacuum properly, and from a different angle I spotted it. The moral is: Don't waste time gardening when you could be driving your MGA.
Phillip Hughes

i once welded my wedding ring to my mga bodywork by accidentally shorting it through a spanner to the starter switch terminal! No it wasnt intentional and yes my ring finger was really burnt, the ring was a tight fit and it brought a real meaning to the expression "get your finger out!"
I learned not to wear a gold wedding ring near the electrics but my electrical skills dont seem to have improved much. A couple of weeks ago i was doing the simplest wiring job, connecting up the pilot lights and somehow melted out the front loom.
maybe i should ask if the fire brigade would sponsor me!

c firth

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