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MG MGA - Weight of Bare Block?

Does anyone know the approx weight of a bare block? I need to know for shipping purposes.

IJR Renshaw

Hi there, get the bathroom scale & weigh yourself. Pick up the block & weigh yourself again,
Deduct your first weight and you have the answer.

Sorry, just having a little fun.

R.A. Gregg

Listed at 359lbs (162.84kg) dry weight in the MGA Workshop Manual.
Dave Barron

That's not the bare block. 359 has to be the whole engine assembled, maybe including the flywheel and clutch. I carry the bare block inverted in a wood pop crate and set it in the back of my hatch back single handed, so maybe less than 100 pounds?
Barney Gaylord

Hey Rod, I would use your bathroom scale idea but the poor little thing would not be able to hold that kind of weight!

All kidding aside, I would weigh it but the shipping is for pickup. I don't have a bare block to weigh.

IJR Renshaw

I'm pushing/lifting a bare block around right now during a rebuild. I'd say around 125-150 lbs.
G Goeppner

This thread was discussed on 17/09/2008

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