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MG MGA - Welded bits on transmission cover

Trying to rebuild my transmission and driveshaft covers covers; anyone know what the welded on U-shaped gizmos angled aft on both sides of each piece are for? There is a 3/8" hole in the sheet metal opposite each one. There's something tragic in old men fussing about such arcane crap. Bob Prentice
rsa prentice

I believe that those are water drains, very similar to the ones on the floor pans of Bs and midgets, but not for sure.
Bill Young

Bill is correct, they are floor drains. When installing the floorboards, these should be kept free from sealant. Sealant is usually used during the restoration to seal the bottom of the floorboards to the frame rails to reduce trapped water and subsequent frame rot.

Chuck Schaefer

Yes, Malcolm Green's MGA Restoration Guide shows them on page 42. Hard to believe they did much. Perhaps a young Abingdon engineer's brainstorm. Don't think I'll try to reproduce them in my clumsy restoration. And thanks. Bob Prentice.
rsa prentice

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