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MG MGA - What Adhesive for Stub Stacks Install

I received a pair of stub stacks today from Steve Ash. I realize this topic has been discussed extensively but I have questions I cannot find the answers to. I asked Steve what adhesive he used and he said “I secured my stacks with impact glue, just degreasing both surfaces first, applying the cement, waiting until it was almost dry and then dropping the stacks over the two pillars and pressing down for a few seconds.“

I’m not sure (in the USA), what “impact glue“ is.

Do I need to remove the black paint on the Vokes back plate in the area where the stub stack will sit?

JL Cheatham

Impact is virtually the same as heavy duty contact adhesive. Doesn't sound that good a fix to me. I suppose it depends how permanent the stacks need to be.
Allan Reeling


My prototype stacks, which Steve used as a template for his friendly local engineering company to make your version, were so tight that they did not require any adhesive. They certainly can't fall off as they are anchored by the filter retaining shafts. That said I think I may have used a dab or two of either impact or 2-part adhesive. The only words of caution I would offer is that after extensive use with heating and and cooling cycles you don't want bits of hardened glue coming adrift and entering the combustion system. Mine have now been in place since I made them about 6 years ago. No issues to report.

I often get emails from owners wanting these stacks and refer them to Steve, explaining that I don't know whether he has any stock left. He would obviously have some if Jim has just received a set. Perhaps if you read this Steve you could update us?

Steve Gyles

I used blue stuff, RTV gasket cement. 3 years, 104,000 miles of some very harsh driving, still stuck, no problem.

> Impact is virtually the same as heavy duty contact
> adhesive.

I'd probably just use an RTV as Barney did, but something like Gasgacinch would be more like the above, and actually intended for the purpose of sealing.

D Rawlins

Hi. Are these sub stacks still available please?
s page


See my entry above. Try Steve Ash and ask him if he still has stock.

This is the prototype:

Perhaps let me know what he says.

Steve Gyles

I believe Steve Ash has more stub stacks available. I just ordered mine from him about 10 days or two weeks ago. He emailed me back with the price plus shipping cost which I paid via PayPal.

Send him an email and ask.

JL Cheatham

Hi All.
Stacks ordered. Can't wait to fit them.
s page

Hi Chaps I have a set Steve's stub stack's going spare if any one wants them they are brand new as I have fitted 1/34 SU'S to my 1950cc engine. If interested call me on 07850 590651


I decided to attach my stub stacks with screws rather than glue. I drilled two holes in the back plates of the Vokes air cleaners and drilled two 5/32” shallow holes in the back of the stub stacks. I made a 5/32” flat-bottom drill bit from an old drill bit to clear out the taper at the bottom of the shallow holes. ( I then I used a #10-32 closed-hole (flat bottom) tap to thread the holes. This worked pretty well.

The weather is not good today so I’ll have to take a test drive tomorrow if the weather clears.

Jim Cheatham

JL Cheatham

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