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MG MGA - What is it ???

I found this on top of the front frame extension on my 1960 MGA coupe. Can anyone shed some light on where it realy belongs?? It looks very familar, I think maybe electrical.

L Caya

Number 1 is an ordinary paperclip.
Number 2 appears to be part of a winged toggle bolt. I have never seen anything like it on an MG.
Sandy Sanders

I believe that Sandy is correct regarding the paper clip.
The other item appears to be a hold down clamp for something, possibly plug wires, but I haven't worked enough on my car to identify it. It looks like the center hole is for a bolt.
mike parker

Well the one is clearly a paper clip, and I have no idea what the other item is used for. Did you include that to give us a sense of scale to help identify the paper clip?
James Johanski

Yes on the paper clip the other item is the nut section of a wire type hose clamp

As SJ said, it is part of a wire type hose clamp. Image attached.
I am not sure what the white clip is.


Mick Anderson

Another view of a wire type hose clamp.
(The dirty engine is not my car!).


Mick Anderson

Memory loss being the second sign of old age I plead stupid. It is definitly pasrt of a wire hose clamp. It's a miracle how quickly ones memory returns when goaded.
Sandy Sanders

L. Caya,
Were are you located in CT? We have a very active group of MGA owners in the CT MG Club.
David Werblow

Yes!!! it's a paper clip I haven't seen one of those in years. I guess putting it next to the wire type hose clamp toggle for size comparison helped Identify it.

Sandy talking about memory lose, I have the wire type hose clamps on my car, an lose the toggle on one when installing it. I spent alot of frustrated time looking for it and ended up buying a replacement. Must have been a mental block (or a senior moment) because I could not identify it.

Dave, I believe we've met once or twice a different local shows. I have been an inactive member of the CT club a couple of time, may join again this year. See you at "British By The Sea", you may recognize my car see photo attached.

Thanks Guys

L Caya

It's not a paper clip. It's an emergency cotter pin for when you drop the real thing on the front frame extension.
Mark J Michalak

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