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MG MGA - What is the Best Order of Reassembly?

Well, I am ready to start putting my A back together after just having had the frame blasted, and welding up he holes.

Can someone give me some tips on their idea of the best order in which to start putting it back together?

I dont need a step by step guide, but if I could get a list of 10 to 15 steps (e.g., (1) start with rear axel, (2) then ...........) Id really appreciate it. Thanks

Tom Going

Suspension, Motor+gearbox ass'y,tunnel, sub-floor cables and fuel / brake lines, floorboards, frame closure panels. Thats as far as I got, in that order, except I put the tunnel in before gearbox - mistake! Fuel tank comes after body. Rear dumb irons also after body. Old style anti-roll bar before body.
Art Pearse


This story of my restoration, which I did late 1970s, might give a general idea on how to proceed:


Rutger Booy
Barney Gaylord

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