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MG MGA - What the Deluxe?

Here is an interesting what the heck is it on USA eBay.



It looks like the aftermath of a bad accident.

B Bridgens

It does not have the seperate clutch and master of a TC or Deluxe. I wonder what the story is behind it is. What a sad way to end up.
gary starr

Interesting project. I would probably stuff a V8 in it and make a hot rod show car out of it. It's too far gone to do much else with it.

Lyle Jacobson

How do they have the guts to call such a crappy lump of metal an MGA?????
F Camilleri

I quite like the look of it, well how it used to look.
J Bray

Back in the 80's there was a "targa" conversion in the UK.I think it was written up in the MGOC? but not sure. Wonder what happened to it? It was done tastfully and professionally, not like this poor thing.The only thing worth anything maybe is the wheels and hubs,and even with that you'd might be money ahead by getting Racemettle's repro's instead
gary starr

Tried the link, says no longer available.

Steve Gyles


You mean someone bought it!!!!!!!!

B Bridgens

Maybe the seller figured out it was actually worth a lot more and pulled the ad because it had no reserve price.
Barney Gaylord

For those that didn't have the opportunity to get a look at this one here is a brief description. It appeared to be a coupe with the top and rear portion of the roof removed. In its place a "fastback" rear portion of the roof had been fashioned. The boot lid was eliminated and different tail lights (Corvette?) incoorporated into the fenders. Instead of a solid top it had a "911/912 targa" like opening.

What caught my eye were the TC style wheels, but it had a pushrod engine (blue). As Gary notes above, it lacked separate TC master brake cylinders.

When I first saw it the single bid was $600. There were only a half dozen pictures, none showing much detail.


It's baaaaack.

Newly listed as 19?? MGA Custom Car

Dennis Suski

That has potential. Wish there were some better photos from the side and rear.
Gene Gillam

Getting the spare wheel in and out could be interesting.

I'm intrigued by the mention of disc brakes on all wheels.
Malcolm Asquith


Are you able to add pictures of this car and other unusual items to your site for reference purposes, or are there copyright issues?

J Bray

Interesting, too bad the guy did not have a very good eye for roof contour. And the second guy no knack for pictures! Appears to be GT6 side windows - I have a set of spares!
Hope the builder found a girl and a life, but fear nor so.

FR Millmore

John, -- I snatch pictures from eBay quite often, done in the interest of historical record with no profit motive here. I have never had a copyright complaint. I suppose sellers are happy for the extra publicity to help sell their stuff. The buyer has no complaint because they weren't his pictures.

If someone wanted to sue me for all the profits I make from their pictures, they get nothing. If someone wants to sue me for ever penny I'm worth, it may not cover their legal fees. Sometimes it's more comfortable not to be rich.

On just one occasion I had someone say I had used a picture of theirs on my web site, but they were quite happy just have me post their name for credit, not to remove the picture.
Barney Gaylord

The only thing of value here is the deluxe/twin cam wheels, other than that, it is a parts car. This is the second time that I have seen a Triumph GT6 top morphed onto something that should not have been, the other car is a Austin Healy 3000. The corvette tail lights are also an exercise in how to screwup the valuable rear wings. UGH!
JP Jim

I've had two email responses from the vendor but neither helpful.

Perhaps others can ask for the body number and to take a rear wheel off and see if it has disc brakes on the rear.

No crossmember holes underneath so unless its a very early twin cam it's likely to only have a pushrod chassis.

Mark Hester

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