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MG MGA - Wheel ? for Colyn Firth

Hi Colyn I have some Racemettle wheel questions for you. I was thinking of converting over to spline drive and getting the appropriate wheels but looking at pictures I believe you have the bolt on type. I'm curious as to the wheel size,tire size and how happy you are with them. How do you go about removing a wheel? Does the knock off come off and then do you remove the lug nuts or do you work around it? Do you mount the wheel then the knock off adapter and then the lug nut or is the adapter put on first then the wheel,sandwiched between the wheel and brake drum or rotor? If you could,could you post a couple of close up pictures like I have below? Many Thanks for your time Colyn,Gary

gary starr

another pic

gary starr

Final one I promise ;)

gary starr

Sorry for the delay Gary, I have been busy with my car getting it ready for this weekends MGCC MGA Register Tour of East Anglia.

I have just finished fitting 2 new rear drums, new Mintex 1144 rear shoes, a new fuel tank sender unit which actually works "almost" perfectly and fitting 2 new clevis forks to the brake master cylinder as my old ones were worn.

The brake pedal is now rock solid.

I have been looking for a picture which shows how well the Racemettle wheel fill out the MGAs wheel-arches.
This one with the car parked facing Mont Blanc in the Alps a couple of years ago show this really well.

The rims are 6" wide I believe and I have fitted Firestone Firehawk 185-65-15 which are really excellent and give amazing grip.

They fit into the wheel-arches perfectly and bolt straight onto the hubs without needing any spacers.

My suspension is lowered quite a lot and this does cause the tyre to very slightly catch the top of the wheel-arch on extreme cornering on full lock. This would not happen on a car with standard suspension though.

The wheels come with a circular plate through which the special wheel nuts bolt onto the standard wheel studs.
In the centre of the plate is the threaded spigot onto which the cetral spinner fits.
The spinner has to be removed before you can get a socket onto the wheel nuts.
These act as a basic king of anti-theft device as Racemettle dont supply locking wheel nuts.

I hope that helps you Gary.


Colyn Firth

Just trying to upload the pic Gary, I have had to reduce its pixel size to make it small enough to upload.

Colyn Firth

Thanks Colyn. When you get a chance can you take a close up picture of how the knock off adapter mounts? Gary
gary starr

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