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MG MGA - Wheel cylinders

Where's the best place to buy decent quality wheel cylinders (UK)? Are the stainless steel braided flexible hoses worth the extra expense over the normal type?

Many thanks
P Parmenter

Phil, I bought some S/S brake hoses (Goodridge I think) and found that the end fittings were not compatible with the brackets on the car so I went back to rubber................Mike
m.j. moore

I assume you have front drums.

FWIW the Morris Minor guys recommend OE for the fronts (branded AP and usually marketed as Lockheed) and repro for the rear. Bit cruel to say, but they should know as they are forever fixing their brakes as they never change fluid or do maintenance! Also they are pretty tight fisted or they would go AP all round, but on the other hand recognise the benefit of paying more for the fronts!

The good thing about the Minor guys though, is that there are a lot of them doing a lot of miles so you can get better representation for stuff like this.

Font part GWC110/111 (ESM part no. FBK105/106) 14.50 plus VAT is also the cheapest I found for AP. Note the fronts are the same for MGA, Spridget, TR2/3 and Minor

Note that the Minor rears also visually the same, have a different diameter from MGA. Shame, as there is a big difference in price.

Rear part GWC1111. I cannot find any direct reference to AP for the rears, but the usual suspects quote over 100 for "OE". I found these made by Delphi (that I guess they might be referring to) at a better price here:

The repro.s are made by County and possibly others and can be bought for 42.40 pair delivered.

Regarding the hoses, I find the rubber ones are perfectly OK for normal road use.
N McGurk

Thanks very much for the info
P Parmenter

I bought my braided hoses from the MGOC 2 years ago as I was not sure of the condition of the existing rubber ones They fitted easily and I noticed that after bleeding the pedal was much firmer.

P D Camp

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