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MG MGA - 'Wheeler dealers' eat your heart out

This is for those of you who do not frequent the other MGA Forum.

If anyone gets frustrated at seeing these guys do a complete "restoration" in a few days, then how about just under one and a half minutes.

Sorry, you have to cut and paste the link in your browser.

Please enjoy
Neil MG


Just take the s off HTTPS and you got it see!
Steven Devine

Thanks Steven, I just couldn't work out why the link didn't work!
Neil MG

Lesson there for us all. I have often wondered why that happens.

Steve Gyles

How did they keep that space so clean...?! Sure doesn't look like my garage with a car under restoration!
George G.

It's in a corner of one of my storage sheds, so I just kept all the rubbish behind the camera ;-)

Note: I didn't quite manage on the last two pictures of the chassis strip down and you can just see, but don't tell anyone!
Neil MG

Well done Neil, I did not realise it was yours, having not read the credits first time round, nor playing the video to the very end.

If I pay you overnight accommodation can you come down here and give mine a quick rebuild?!

Steve Gyles

Haha, your car doesn't need it!
Neil MG

Mine does! Your photography and the rebuild do you credit Neil - fabulous. What was behind the 1500 side lights on a car with discs and a six bladed fan finishing up with so many spokes and knock-ons and 1600 side lights? Was it really a 1600 to start with?

Yes Pete, it is an original UK 1600, but it later spent some time in Cyprus where the bumpers and front indicators got swapped, probably from minor bumps. The car was basically straight, but with a lot of minor repairs and all the usual corrosion. There were a few other non standard bits, but the engine and gearbox were original. I switched to wires and changed the rear axle casing to a wire wheel one. They are the factory option 60 spoke wheels.

You can read the whole story as it happened here:,1990813
Neil MG

Thanks for the heads up on The Freak Fandango Orchestra.

Great sound.


I B Morris

If you like that kind of sound then you should also look at "Mano Negra", a band from the late eighties early nineties, too. Very similar multicultural, loose and fun sound.

Neil MG

Hi Neil,

lovely to see it finished, it looks lovely and the old style number plates really set it off nicely, just crying out for an original tool kit :)

G C Pugh

Great video Neil.
Over how many months did it take you?

Can I post your video link to the twin cam group?

Mark Hester

It took me just over ten months,1990813

Please feel free to post the link
Neil MG

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