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MG MGA - Where is MGA Coupe Prototype ULJ 426?

I have recently purchased Automobile Quarterly, Volume 29, Number 1 - January 1991. The first 18-20 pages are dedicated to the MGA Coupe with articles written by Jonathan Stein. In one article, he writes about two MGA Coupe prototypes, ULJ 426 and KMO 326. As of the date of the publication, Jonathan indicated that ULJ 426 was last "purchased by Mark Czornopsysky, who has already arranged to have the car carefully restored to its original configuration."

Does anyone know if this prototype was ever actually restored, where it is today and who the current owned is?

JL Cheatham


According to the Government website

It looks like the car was due to be taxed on 1st June 1978. but this want done.

The registration number is still in use and the car appears to have not been declared as off road.

Interestingly the engine size is quoted as 1622cc rather than the usual Twin Cam 1588cc, so it may have had a replacement engine fitted.

John Bray

The car is photographed and detailed in Claushager. Look at the back of the book around page 106

Dominic Clancy

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