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MG MGA - Where to find?

Hey good folks, I need to locate the foam that fills the center arm rest. Mine just turned to powder. Thanks, Tom
Thomas McNamara

Moss Motors supplies them with the seat upholstery kit. Don't know if you can get then to sell the armrest of cushion separately.
Barney Gaylord

Thanks Barney, not only for your reply but also for the wbsite. I use it all of the time!

If Moss won't sell the foam, has anyone the dimentions? Thanks again, Tom
Thomas McNamara

Most foam you find at the local fabric stores is a bit on the soft side for auto interior use I find. For something a bit stiffer try McMaster-Carr. I found some thin high density foam that worked great on my door caps on my midget to soften the surface while not compacting too much.
Bill Young

I got that foam piece from Scarborough Faire many years ago. It is a wedge shaped piece, from memory about ~2"tall on the back and ~3" on the front.
Jim Ferguson

I bought just the complete armrest from Moss UK. It comes stitched to a square piece of carpet. I unstitched it off the piece of carpet and stitched it on to my existing carpet. I had an upholsterer stitch it up for me.

F Camilleri

Tom, Look in the archives under 'armrest' in February this year where I gave most dimensions for mine. I'm sure you could get one cut from a foam supplier. I recently bought some foam for a chair and the supplier had three different grades colour coded according to firmness. The middle grade was pale blue. The foam supplied in my car arm rest was also pale blue. It wouldn't surprise me if there was variation in arm foam dimensions so if you are keeping your leather then cut it to fit the 'hole'......................................Mike
m.j. moore

Some things on my web site even I don't remember. Seems like I have a full scale template for the armrest cover, so that should define the shape of the cushion inside. See here:
Barney Gaylord

Thanks again to all. I just ordered the foam from Scarbourgh Faire, we'll see what comes. Regards, Tom
Thomas McNamara

Hey folks, I recieved the "foam" insert from Scarbourgh Faire and it fits like it should. On to the windshield................where to chrome? :) Thanks to all, Tom
Thomas McNamara

Ah, Chrome. Some years ago I took a windscreen frame to the local Harley Davidson shop to be sent out for chrome. To the Harley guys, good chrome is next to godliness. Gotta love it.
Barney Gaylord

I do like Paul's Chrome Plating, near Philly. Not cheap, but top quality. Plus, they will work with you.
G T Foster

I bought the foam for mine at Joanne's Fabrics.

I used 2 X 2" pieces placed next to each other so that it was a little wider than needed, and also cut them a little overly tall. Finished dimensions of the armrest are about 15" long, 4" wide, 4" high front and 3" high rear, IIRC...but the dimensions are listed in the archives.

When I stuffed the foam into the armrest upholstery it was compressed a bit and that made it somewhat firmer.


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