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MG MGA - Which Club

Hi All,

I'm new to MG's (although not old cars) and as I was asked by Doug, replying to my last posting; I thought I'd pose the question. Is there a preferred Club for these cars?

I'm a Member of at least 4 car Clubs (plus some other Clubs)currently and there are only so many one can do justice to. Is there a consensus or is it just a personal subjective thing?

My apologies if this one is covered elsewhere.......


T Gee

Ok, so this one will likely open a hornet's nest but I will jump in first, beat a hasty retreat and keep my head down henceforth!
The MG Car Club is the much older and, in my view, the more appropriate Club for owners of cars like MGA's. They stick to organising events specifically based around the car, operate on a non-profit basis, whereas the MG Owners Club is very much a business selling car parts, the prices of which do not ever seem to be discounted to provide a membership benefit to members of that club. I used to be a member of both but began to realise the craziness of having to pay subscriptions to two clubs both supposedly supporting old MG's. I now retain membership of only the MG Car Club.
This is my view of the situation Phil and one almost certainly not supported by all - not any easy decision for you!
B Mayo

I am currently a member of both. Overall I would agree with Bruce and all his facts are correct. My main contact is the monthly magazines and I suppose I like reading both hence my dual membership. The Owners Club do seem more active in local groups but I have never been to one. Owner Clubs parts business is equally open to non members. Only the Car Club organises specific MGA events. Had the Scottish event last Sunday and it was great to meet other relatively local owners. Have attended the North Uk event once with over 50 As, great. I do sometimes get irritated with the Car Club's obsession with its Kimber House HQ.

Paul Dean

I have been a MGCC member for over 10 years now and I have particularly enjoyed the MGA Register events.

I do get to the occasional local "Natter" meetings and I particularly enjoy the the Tiger Natters "Lunch in the Country" which usually consists of a 60+ mile scenic drive followed by a pub lunch.
I hear that the Lincs Centre of the MGCC has a great social side too.

The MGA Registers Spring and Autumn weekend tours are just fantastic, the most sociable group of people you could wish to meet, with some amazing and occasionally exciting driving too.

You should try to attend the upcoming MGA Day too, its a really enjoyable event(this year at Croome Court, Nr Worcester, on the 13th August from 10 am. Info in the MGCC website MGA, Register Events).

I am definitely going to be there, let me know if you are and I will look out for you. Or even maybe drive down there with you if you wish, we are based in Doncaster so we are not so far away from you.


Colyn Firth

Bit like the others. I was a member of both but now just the MGCC. I found the MGOC was orientated more towards the MGB and midget than MGA. I enjoyed some of the content of the MGOC magazine but found too much of it was devoted to boring in-house natter trivia. The MGCC caters more generally across the range. Also, with Colin Manley (this forum) active in management circles in the MGCC you have a good feed in to the club via him.

Steve Gyles

Hello again All,

My thanks for taking the trouble to pass on your experiences. It really is interesting to hear informed views on both these Clubs.

Colyn, thanks for your offer of company to the MGA event but I'm currently in the south although I hope to be in Lincoln again sometime this year.

I shall have a look at the MGCC web site.

This forum - is it connected to either Club?

T Gee


A bit of background. The MGOC broke away from the MGCC as a group of eople did not think that the new at the time models, the MGB and Midget, were being taken seriously. The resukting MGOC was set up as a profit making company rather than a member owned club and as far as I know still is that way. Lancaster Insurance was part of the MGOC for a long time. Not being a true club does I think lead to some problems with motor sport.

A long time ago I was in the MGOC but left as the A was rarely mentioned and I felt like an outsider. It was very much an MGB club to the extent that, for example, adverts for spares frequently did not even mention the model of car, MGB was assumed. Those at the top were I think aware of this and were making efforts in the magazine to feature cars other than the B. This is twenty years ago and all might now have changed.

I am now in the MGCC but do wonder why every time renewal comes round. I am in three other car clubs. I used to take part in lots of the MGCC social events but due mainly to date clashes I have drifted away. The club is also very motor sport centred and this is something in which I have no interest.

So, it depends what you want. If you are intested in the organised sporting side then there is no contest, it has to be the Car Club. On the social side see what is happening in your area.


Malcolm Asquith

Hi Malcolm, Many thanks for taking the trouble to offer your slant on the Clubs; it really is most useful to have a variety of views. I too have little interest in the Motor sport side of the Clubs I currently patronize, although some of the social aspects appeal and of course the technical forum and spares elements all have a draw to some degree.

I shall look further at the local scene as you suggest - Thanks again.

T Gee

I too am a member of both MGOC and MGCC. I am the local area secretary for MGOC - but agree it coud just be seen as a profit making organisation. - but our local club has all models of MG and is mainly a social club catering for all models from a 1937 TA to a 2011 MG6 . I think a single model club could be a bit boring. Go with the local club that suits you.
Cam Cunningham

Hi Cam,

Thanks, an interesting view, and your advice clearly has merit.

T Gee

Hi Phil,
I would like to recommend the club of NAMGAR which is the North American MGA Register. I know it is on the other side of the pond, but it deals with only MGA's. The club has an award winning magazine that comes out every other month. The magazine will have many articles of how to fix and improve your MGA. It will also show you many of the suppliers on this side of the pond which parts may not be available on your side. They also have and annual GT show that moves around the US and Canada. We have people come here from around the world to visit this car show which there are about 120 or so MGA's. If you want more information, contact REGISTER@NAMGAR.COM. If you contact them, mention my name
Jeff Becker

Hello Jeff,

Most kind of you to take the trouble to recommend the NAMGAR Register for MGA. It certainly sounds a very active affair and a bi-monthly magazine sounds tempting.

T Gee

Hi Phil

I run a TC and YT and for five years used to own an MGA. I belong to MGCC, Owners Club and the MG Octagon CC - although this is.for pre 56 MGs and does not cover A's even though they were first built in 55!

As has been described the Owners Club is a commercial organisation and MGCC is a members club. MGCC do very little other than organise MG Live! They are biased towards racing and it is the individual Registers and Centres that offer and undertake activities and the MGA Register is excellent in this respect.

I agree that traditionally the OC is biased towards the B and later models. However it is increasingly covering some of the earlier cars. Malcolm Green writes monthly on examples of the marque. They have a very active social side with centres across the UK and offer good deals for overseas travel. They also have an active racing scene.The spares side covers As - which the MGCC does not due to product liability. They are very approachable and knowledgable and I have found them more engaging than the Car Club.

They were keen to support the 70th Anniversary of the Y Type far more readily than the Car Club. I am the liaison link for the Y Type for the Octagon CC and on the MGCC Y Register.

Its horses for courses and for less than couple of quid a week you can get some real benefits belonging to both. Visit a local natter many of which cover all 3 clubs and decide for yourself!

Best of luck



Hi Jerry,

Thanks for taking the trouble to add your comments - an appreciated view. I'm still to decide and may just stay with the clubs I've got until I've more experience with the marque ;-)

Sandy - I'm new here but recongnise an advert when I see one!

T Gee


Not an advert...Sandy was looking for him.

Gene Gillam

Hi Gene,

I stand corrected - and offer my apologies to you and of course Sandy.

T Gee

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