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MG MGA - Windsreen wiper sticking

Hi All,
The wipers on my A have never been great but now they tend to stick half way though the first wipe. If you take the wipers of the screen the wheel boxes move alright but once the wiper pressure is back on the screen it all grinds to a halt.
Any ideas where I should start looking?
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Brushes and commutator are likely suspects. New brushes and clean I think might restore full power.

B Bridgens

Clean and re-lube the drive cable and the gearbox. Check condition of the carbon brushes (might be sticking in the holders and losing contact). Clean the commutator, and replace brushes if they are worn.

I have exactly the same problem on my Coupe..using a brand new MGB motor with 2 speed set up. It seems like the "drag" on the screen is too much, but everything is new?
Gary Lock

I did like Gary and converted to an MGB 2-speed wiper motor.
The old single speed wiper was so sluggish and it was just useless in heavy rain.

In the process of converting to a 2-speed wiper motor I decided to fit a new flexible rack into the tube to make sure everything would be in as good condition as possible.
When I drew the old rack out I was amazed to see just how dried out the grease had become, it was more like putty than grease!

Probably, if I had just cleaned off the old grease and renewed it, the single speed wipers would have worked much better.

So Mr Page, I would first draw out the rack, clean it up and re-grease it, it may well sort out your problem like Barney said.

The info for the 2-speed conversion is on the MGCC MGA Register site.

Colyn Firth

Following on from what Colyn has said, my motor burnt out a couple of years back, and I am pretty sure it was because the rack was seizing up in the tube from dried up old grease, and the motor couldn't cope so gave up.
It was certainly a difficult job getting the rack out and freeing it all up.
Graham V

Hi Guys.
Many thanks.
I do as it happens have a 2 speed motor and entire tube and with wheel box's. So I will change it all soon.How do I wore the new motor please.
Kind regards. Simon
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Hi Again.
Soyrry I should have clicked on the link.
Tanks again. Simon
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If your 2-speed motor is the same brick shape as your MGA one you should look at Barney's ET-219H.


Bolney Coupe

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