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MG MGA - Windstop

I know for later MGs one can buy windbstops which stop the wind blowing down the back of one's neck. Has anyone made one of these for an MGA?
H L Davy
Barney Gaylord

I seriously considered one of these to combat the cold battering that my neck gets at speed in my MGA.

I saw one on a Mazda MX3 sports car and it looked great.
It was the mesh design that kind of fitted naturally between and inside the chrome roll over bars.

Then I saw one on an MGA and it just kind of sticks up in the air on the rear tonneau and I just didnt like it at all.

It looked more like the air brake that they used to fit on the 1950s Mille Miglia and Le Mans racing Mercedes and I would bet that it also acts like one.

Have a look at one and make up your own mind, but they are not for me, I will stick to a scarf!

c firth

SUMMIT RACING has them for MIATA'S for 32.00. It fit my MGA PERFECTLY! I mounted it to the back wall with 1" aluminum angle. It came up behind the seats and you can adjust the height to suit. JOHN
John Gordon

HL, This is the hardware!

John Gordon


John Gordon

With just the right length of arm,the screen will fold under the back. I do not use a soft top! JOHN

John Gordon

I just turn my collar up.

Steve Gyles

Steve, So do I!! I put the side-screens up, too! I also have a FHC if the weather gets really wet! What great little cars they were, the UK once led the world in the car industry, hard to imagine that their car industry is now almost defunct! I am working on my Varitone Magnette which will be my everyday car when it is finished! I have put an MGB motor in it and a Borg-Warner auto gearbox. My first car was a PA when I was 16. I am now an old bloke (75)!
Barry Bahnisch

A head fairing works great and can be installed to be removable without drilling the car. Aftermarket bits.

With a good paint job and some work to the head end it can turn out well.

Go to mgaguru accessories for a backend photo

Ted Persons

Details, details

Mine is LHD

Two of them would be interesting and look like the Mercedes Sterling Moss Mille Miglia car (#722, 1955)


Ted Persons

I bought one of these for my wife's Solstice, and it wasn't effective at all...Looked cool, but was useless....
Edward Wesson 60MGA

Little British Car (Jeff Zorn) has the windstops for the MGA.
Gary Lock

I guess I am getting a grumpy old man. Surely, we buy cars like the MGA roadster for that open air sports feel; the wind blast; the noise of the exhaust; the sound of other vehicles; the sound of the country side; etc. If you don't like any of these then enclose yourself in a cocoon such as the Coupe.

Wind around the back of your head; goodness me. Wear a jacket with a large collar like they did back in 1958; or wear a scarf. Bits of plastic sticking up behind the seats of an historic car? Whatever are we coming to?

I have had my rant - in fun, bit it's still my view.

Steve Gyles

A leather flying helmet and ear plugs in winter and on the motorway and a buff or scarf in summer. And keep the pure lines of the car, they are to beautiful.

H. Jorens

I hate driving with the side screens. I'm not a big fan of the soft top either, so if in doubt I put the ally hard top on and drive without the side screens

Otherwise I just put the sheepskin jacket on and turn up the collar and the heater. Once the original hamster wheel is replaced with something a bit more modern, it's actually quite effective.

dominic clancy

I quite liked the idea of an "Irving" aircrew style sheepskin jacket. It looks perfect for driving an open MGA in cold weather.

However, I havent yet taken the plunge and ordered one.

I think that the price tag of an original Irving jacket being over 800 may have had something to do with it.

c firth

Mine sheepskin jacket cost me 60 20 years ago from a workshop in a very dubious part of Luton. I'm proud that it still fits me.....
dominic clancy

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