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MG MGA - Won't Idle Down

Car has been running great but recently I have noticed that while driving, if I let off the gas, the engine speed does not idle down quickly, there is almost no engine braking. If I depress the clutch, the speed will go down rapidly, but not while engaged.

I checked the pistons and they drop and clunk like they should. Any ideas?

Steven B

Maybe the return springs on the ends of your carbs. throttle shafts are faulty, broken or just too weak. I had a similar problem but with my mixture control not returning and replaced the jet lever return springs. The new ones were three times stronger than the old! I suppose they weaken over the years.
Or perhaps the inside throttle cable is frayed. You could try disconnecting the cable at the carbs. and feeling how free it is from the pedal end.................Mike
m.j. moore

I had this problem when I had a bad gasket that was letting in too much air. I took everything off but the manifold and replaced all the gaskets from the manifold out and then the car would idle down.
GK George

Have you checked the engine compression since this problem started?
D Hanna

Lots of good ideas. I just insulated the cockpit so I need to make sure the throttle pedal assembly is not binding anywhere, check the springs and then look at gaskets. Oh, and check compression.
Steven B

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